The Birth of the Snap-Stagram.


Another update for the Instagram world!

Instagram has been hard at work pushing for a better user experience, making it’s latest┬árollout turn some heads.

Over the past week, Instagram users were treated to a new and improved newsfeed feature. We can now post updates in the form of a “user story” in a quick and convenient upload.

Friends that interact with your story are given the option to direct message their responses directly to your inbox, similar to Snapchat’s newest chat feature.

These new Instagram stories strike an uncanny resemblance to Snapchat’s stories, leaving some Insta-Users slightly unimpressed.

Instagram might have a difficult time competing with Snapchat’s puking rainbow filter.


The silver lining of this new upgrade shines in the favor of the Instagram business user.

Businesses on Instagram can use the story feature to advertise products and services directly to the top of their target market’s newsfeed. This modification will improve customer engagement if it’s popularity takes off.

For now, our best advice as always is to ride the trend. Keep your business present and engaged in this fun new feature, using it to promote your product and advertise LIVE every day.

Shops and business pages can also use this Insta-Story to update their demographic about with news and updates about what’s happening behind the scenes. Keeping your customers in the loop will provide a personalized experience and give your business a friendly and inviting vibe.

A good rule of thumb is continuity and sophistication. Always keep your story classy and matching your branding.

Instagram has been quite the busy bee lately.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.44.17 PM

Despite the social media generation’s aversion to change, we have to admit ┬áthat Instagram has been putting out some eye catching updates.

What we can always count on is this platform’s power to connect with your target demographic on a larger scale.

Following close in the wake of these updates is just plain good for business.