Sully and the Twittersphere


Tom Hanks’ new role as Sully, the man who saved an entire flight of people in 2009 by landing the aircraft in the Hudson River, is creating social media buzz.

This highly anticipated reenactment of true events celebrates the bravery of Captain Chelsey Sullenberger and the 155 passengers that survived the crashing of Flight 1549.

 This amazing story hits theaters on September 9th, and is already causing a stir from the FBI who argues the film tarnishes their reputation and capabilities in the face of disaster.


[Photo: The NY Times]

Although this was a terrifying ordeal, we can look back to the event in it’s footprint in the course of social media news broadcasting.

What does social media have to do with a plane crash?

During the aircraft’s crash, nearby onlookers were documenting the incident live through a twitter newsfeed.


This was the first official tweet regarding the crash of Flight 1549.


After the plane crashed into the icy Hudson River, a ferry passenger tweeted about the plane’s crashing, prompting rescue teams to respond to the emergency.

Before this, Twitter wasn’t the hub of breaking news and streaming information it is today. It’s humble beginnings were reminiscent of a minimal Facebook feed, barely utilized in 2009 by any major company or corporation.

After the Flight 1549 tweets, Twitter evolved in a major way.

After this point, major news stations joined Twitter and used this avenue to broadcast news to a wider audience.

Now, anything trending passes through Twitter almost first and foremost.

Twitter has been at the helm for social media innovations, including the invention of the hashtag.

The way we are communicating is ever changing and improving, allowing us to stay connected at all times and even during moments of crisis.

The heroics of Chelsey Scully wouldn’t be the last time twitter kept individuals connected with help and loved ones during an emergency. Victims of the Pulse Night Club tragedy earlier this year, alerted emergency responders and family members through Twitter about the activity in the club.


We are excited to see a piece of New York’s heroic history come to life this weekend on the silver screen.

The world of social media and the way it’s power can be harnessed is nothing shy of a modern phenomenon.

Celebrate the heroics of Chelsey Scully Scullenberg this weekend to watch this incredible act of courage, celebrate the survivors of this traumatic incident and experience the moment that changed the way we broadcast news and information.

Or just see it because Tom Hanks is the bee’s knees. That’s okay too.


[Photo: @hanksynyc]