Keeping Your Brand Alive During the Holidays


The Holidays are upon us! For many, the holiday season means quality time with loved ones, creating memories, maintaining holiday traditions and giving gifts!

But the holidays also leave many business owners worried about keeping their brand’s social media presence alive during the holidays.

During a time where your priorities lie with your loved ones it can be daunting to slip out of the room for a quick ‘Happy Holidays’ post from your brand’s social media account.


But we all know that radio silence can be extremely harmful to our brand’s virtual presence ESPECIALLY when our followers have expectations of us.

So the team at Yellow Jacket Social have developed a few tips that can turn your Holiday Stresses into Holiday Successes

Start by pre-curating your holiday content.

Make sure you are curating photos that are relevant to the holiday(s) that your target demographic celebrates. If you are not sure, try to find a less specific photo that you can relate to ALL holidays by pairing it with an inclusive caption. You can also try creating a simple ‘Happy Holiday’s’ graphic.

Once you have your image(s) purchased (or created!) save it in a google drive folder. This way you don’t have to go digging for content during the festival of lights… or any other holiday for that matter.

Consider scheduling automatic posts during the holiday.

This is not something we recommend making a habit of because many ‘content scheduling’ apps and softwares have the ability hurt the ‘reach’ of your post(s). However, when it comes to the holidays you might be willing to make this sacrifice.

On Facebook business pages there is a sneaky little ‘publishing tools’ tab on your menu bar. You can upload your pre-curated content and schedule different holiday posts to auto-post on the dates they fall on! Easy peasy! No sneaking away from Christmas dinner for you… Aunt Mary will be proud.

Or… Hire out your social media.

When you hire Yellow Jacket Social to handle all of your social media accounts you don’t even have to worry about any of this. Our team posts holiday specific content on your brand’s behalf MANUALLY!

To explain further, manual posts always gain maximum reach, whereas auto-posts unfortunately lower the reach of your post. It’s clearly a win, win.

You see, we do the best, for the best. Even if it means OUR ‘Aunt Marys’ roll their eyes at us.

Sound appealing? Reach out! Visit our contact page and send us a message to learn more about the services we offer our amazing clients and how to become one!

Happy Holidays from Yellow Jacket Social.