Snapchat v.s. Instagram: The Battle of the Face Filter


It started out with the notorious dog filter on Snapchat, and quickly grew into the most entertaining feature to hit social media.

Face filters have rapidly become a very popular feature, so naturally, everyones favorite social media platform decided to launch a version of their own.

On Tuesday, May 16th, Instagram launched their version of the infamous face filters.

Instagram is starting off with 8 filters to choose from, including a bunny, multiple crowns, even “nerd glasses” that send math equations spinning above your head when you raise your eyebrows.

In the link below you will see the co-founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger demonstrate all 8 of the new features.

As of now the new filters are not incredibly impressive.

Recent buzz states that Snapchat is the OG of the filters, and looks like it’s staying that way.

Many people feel as if Instagram is “ripping Snapchat off” by stealing their idea of timed personal stories, and now face filters.

The verdict is still up for debate.

Instagram did put its own individuality into the filters by figuring out a way to make them stay activated, and move in the direction you are moving.

For example, if you move your head to the left, your bunny ears will bend to the left.

They are calling this the “gravity effect”. This is something that Snapchat has not quite mastered yet.

Here at Yellow Jacket Social we are pretty skeptical, but we remain optimistic. Usually when a platform launches their first version of a new update, it can be a little messy.

We’ll see if Instagram will frequently add new filters, holiday filters, and more.

Let us know what platform is your favorite for face filters.