The Scoop on Facebook’s New Suite


Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and crew, Facebook has some sweeter than Smucker’s perks for business pages.

Thanks for lookin’ out Mark, you’re a doll.

For business owners, one of the toughest and more inconvenient elements of managing your social media presence is staying on top of messages and alerts. With so many different platforms that you probably have, and should have, it can be impossible to remember to give each one your undivided attention. This is how potential customers and clients slip through the cracks which is hitting you right in the pocket.

Facebook knows it’s inconvenient to keep up with the buzz on your business page and with all their spring cleaning lately, we’re glad they remembered to give our businesses some features to simplify the process. 

Facebook Messenger Suite

The Facebook inbox is where all the magic happens. Here you can see that your Facebook messages are right at home, with a little extra flare. Upon opening a conversation in your messenger inbox, you’ll see the convo on the left and the photo of the person you’re chatting with on the right hand side.

Under their profile photo you’ll also get some organization options, a convenient link to their page, their location (and local time) and the photos you’ve shared recently. If you correspond with them often or they interact with your page, Facebook will now give you an area to write private notes for yourself while you chat and they’ll tell you all the recent activity this person has had with your brand’s page. Think of it as your new personal assistant, go team!

Facebook Notifications

You can bounce back conveniently from your messages to your notifications effortlessly. See how people are interacting with the page, scroll through your posts and freely like and comment without having to stop and load a bunch of different pages. Time is money and Facebook is keeping the money in your pocket.

Instagram Notifications

Facebook and Instagram might be competitors in the social media world, but here they are vibing together better than ice cream and apple pie. Thanks to this handy feature on Facebook, your Instagram notifications are right at your fingertips and linked up in one convenient interface. Like, comment and reply quickly while balancing your Facebook messages and notifications on the new business suite. 

So what’s the buzz in the hive about this new feature?

The Yellow Jackets are fans of sleek minimalist features, convenience and ease of use and Facebook is hitting the mark on all three. If we had to give any criticism it’s the limitations to just Facebook and Instagram, but we can imagine it’ll evolve further to include other popular pages that business owners use frequently.

While the back end of your Facebook used to be a hot mess, we’re refreshed to see it’s organized new look and you better bee-lieve we’re putting it to work.

Check it out for yourself on your business page and let us know what you think.

Is it worth the buzz?

Like all great inventions, only time will tell!