Virtual Representation

Let Yellow Jacket Social virtually represent you through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Yellow Jacket Social will construct and maintain a unique and personalized social media formula to attract your target demographic. You create, while we generate! Prices Vary. Contact us about  Social Media Packages and rates.

DIY Social Media Consult

Yellow Jacket Social has teamed up with ProDoula and their Advanced Business Training courses to bring you DIY Social Media Consulting. This $150 consult will give you all of the direction you need to start growing a strong and deliberate social media presence. Perfect your virtual social skills and call the ProDoula office to schedule your DIY Social Media Consult today! (914) 400-3494

Youtube Establishment & Editing

Let Yellow Jacket Social establish your brand or business’s youtube channel!
Channel Establishment
Creative and enticing custom youtube channel art
A customized list of 30 keywords you can use on each uploaded video making your channel searchable to your target demographic
A unique channel description using keywords that will enhance your youtube SEO while educating your target on your brand message and topics of your channel

Video Editing: Billed per hour

Have a camera, a voice, a pretty face, and tons of content to vocalize through youtube? Don’t have the tools, knowledge, or time to cut and edit your videos? Send Yellow Jacket Social your un-cut footage and let us do it for you! Yellow Jacket Social will use popular video techniques to create enticing, watchable and shareable content for your channel! All you do is upload!

Pinterest Establishment

Do you have a business pinterest account that feels lackluster? Unsure of how to connect with or relate to your target demographic through pinterest? Unable to put the time and energy into creating a business pinterest account? Not to worry! Yellow Jacket Social has you covered! Yellow Jacket Social will curate a visually appealing business pintererst account featuring 10 boards relatable to your target with 10 pins on each. Yellow Jacket Social will establish a presence on pinterest and create content for you to mimic as you maintain the account going forward.